$3.8 million commitment to upgrade Eildon Schools

Students and families will benefit from a $3.8 million investment in local Eildon schools under a re-elected Napthine Government, Minister for Education Martin Dixon announced today.

Mr Dixon made the announcement at Mansfield Secondary College today where he and the Liberal candidate for Eildon Cindy McLeish and the Nationals candidate for Eildon Jim Child met with students and staff.

“The Napthine Government is building better schools for all Victorian students and I’m delighted to announce a $2.8 million upgrade of Mansfield Secondary College if the Victorian Coalition Government is re-elected,” Mr Dixon said.

“This $2.8 million investment will upgrade existing facilities to support great quality teaching and learning for students at Mansfield Secondary College.”

Mr Dixon and Ms McLeish also visited Woori Yallock Primary School to announce that a re-elected Coalition Government would deliver $1 million to upgrade their facilities.

Mr Dixon said the government has a strong record of delivering high quality educational infrastructure.

“We are proud to be delivering 24 new schools and upgrades to hundreds of schools that are similar to Mansfield Secondary College and Woori Yallock Primary School,” Mr Dixon said.

Ms McLeish said students in Eildon were already benefiting from the Victorian Coalition Government’s $1.1 billion total investment in school infrastructure.

“The Napthine Government has already delivered $2.3 million dollars in capital funding for schools in Eildon, and an additional $1.67 million in maintenance funding for schools in the area,” Ms McLeish said.

“The Napthine Government is committed to funding this modern, high quality school infrastructure, and if elected, I look forward to working hard with the local schools here in Eildon to support our students and families.”

The Napthine Government is building a better education system, with a record $9.2 billion for school education in 2014-15, $1 billion more than Labor’s last budget in 2010.