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Frankston patients continue to wait under Daniel Andrews

New health performance data reveals that patients in Frankston are waiting longer in emergency departments and on elective surgery waiting lists since Daniel Andrews came to Government.

Emergency Department

The proportion of patients being treated in appropriate times at the Frankston Hospital emergency department has deteriorated since Daniel Andrews came into office, with more than 3,600 patients (21%) not receiving emergency treatment within the clinically recommended timeframe, in the last quarter alone.

Elective Surgery

The number of patients on the elective surgery waiting list has grown by 28% under Daniel Andrews’ leadership – blowing out to 1,809 patients and the proportion treated on time has dropped to 77%.

The Category 3 elective surgery waiting list has grown by a massive 45% since 2014 – reaching 691 patients.

Specialist Wait Clinics

Frankston patients being referred to specialists can wait more than one and half years for a consultation with some orthopaedic/musculoskeletal patients waiting 588 days for their appointment.

Comments from Shadow Minister for Health Mary Wooldridge:

“Before the election Daniel Andrews claimed the health system was in crisis and that he would fix it, but the reality is quite the opposite.”

“In Frankston patients are waiting longer for treatment in the emergency department and for their elective surgery since Daniel Andrews became Premier.”

“Labor claimed at the election that they would ‘find out how Frankston Hospital can treat more people and run more efficiently’, so Daniel Andrews must explain why Peninsula Health patients are waiting longer for urgent surgery.”

“Daniel Andrews is breaking promises and neglecting the health needs of families in Frankston.”

Western Distributor

Revelations in Senate Estimates today show what Victorians suspected all along, the only winner from the Western Distributor is Transurban, whilst the big losers are taxpayers and motorists in the eastern and south-eastern suburbs.

Mr Mike Mrdak the Secretary of the Federal Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development told Senate Estimates today that there was no evidence to support Daniel Andrews’ claim that the Western Distributor will relieve congestion and that the Andrews Government has not made available all of its analysis of the project.

Whilst sending the bill to Malcolm Turnbull with one hand, Daniel Andrews has refused to provide the supporting documentation that the Federal Government required to make a full assessment of the project.

Daniel Andrews is condemning Victorian motorists to more than a decade of extra tolls worth $30 billion to Transurban to pay for a project that his own hand-picked infrastructure advisors refuse to endorse and the Commonwealth Government says could further gridlock Melbourne.

Only Daniel Andrews could find a way to spend $1.2 billion to not build the East West Link and then spend $5.5 billion on a road that will make congestion worse.


Coastal Management and Funding

We love our coastal environment and in fact, that is why we love living here on the Mornington Peninsula.

Increasingly however we are seeing challenges related to keeping our public coastal spaces pristine and readily available for visitors.

Early last year I addressed this issue in my submission to the Central Coastal Board and you can view and download my submission at this link.

Further to the following publication of the Central Regional Coastal Plan, there has been much community debate about the future management and funding of our coastal assets.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) have also been considering the amalgamation of some coastal foreshore management committees which in principle I support, conditional on commensurate funding streams being made available.

Needless to say, we are in the midst of this discussion as the Government seeks public feedback to proposed amendments to the Coastal Management Act and replacing it with a new Act.  It is my understanding that the Government are still accepting submissions.

Earlier this year I requested participation in the Parliamentary Internship program so that we could do some further local research on this topic.

Our intern was Ellen Gray and her detailed report is excellent and in fact was awarded the prize for ‘Most Outstanding Parliamentary Internship Report’ and was awarded to Ellen at Parliament house on 24th August 2016.

You are welcome to view and download Ellen’s report at this link and suffice to say I and my office team are extremely proud of Ellen for such a great job done.

Her report focuses specifically on management and funding, on the basis that if the Coast is not funded, it will not be managed.

You are welcome to contact me at any time should you wish to discuss or share ideas on any aspect of this issue.

Award for Coastal Management and Funding Report
Ellen and Martin celebrating her award


Skyrail and ALP budget bungling

The ALP paired with a responsible budget are like oil and water, they never mix and the Victorian ALP continue to raise their own bar of incompetence with the rolling out of Skyrail.

The recent debacle surrounding the expanded Port of Melbourne Lease is a case in point and demonstrates how ALP budget spin collides with the real world to produce these crazy sort of outcomes.

Prior to the last State election there was bipartisan support for leasing the Port of Melbourne and to provide a much needed boost to Government coffers for various road and rail projects.

Estimates of the lease ranged from $6 Billion to $8 Billion with the Liberal plan being to tie the sale into the development of the new Port of Hastings, which was previously Labor policy.

The ALP budget gurus decided however that for $5 Billion – $6 Billion they could remove 50 Level Crossings – a laudable plan, except for one thing – the numbers didn’t add up.

The cost for removing 50 Level crossings was always going to be closer to $8 Billion, or even $10 Billion.

This left a massive shortfall in the ALP Budget, and to fix it they then concocted their plan to extend the lease to 50 years + 20 years to try and squeak more bucks out of  the deal by locking out any other port development.

So, what is the link to Skyrail and the ALP’s inability to manage the State’s budget?

Simple, once the opposition threatened to block the ALP’s ridiculous lease and 70 year lock out proposal, effectively denying the Government of a few billion dollars, we immediately see rolled out an alternative (cheaper) level crossing removal program, otherwise known as Skyrail.

Skyrail is a cheaper, nastier, noisier, uglier and unwanted solution to another underfunded budget problem that the ALP created all by themselves.

This ‘alternative’ was kept secret  until a farcical public consultation process was rolled out as soon as Labor realised their 70 year lock out lease proposal would never get through the Parliament.

The ALP again, (remember Desal, Myki etc) have under-budgeted the real cost of Level Crossing removals and in a desperate panic to keep the project on track, foisted Skyrail upon an unsuspecting community to try and fix their own budget bungle.

This is ALP economic incompetence on a grand scale, with Melbourne now stuck with this ugly, noisy 19th Century monstrosity for decades to come.

Skyrail - the mother of all ALP Budget Bungles
Skyrail – the view from your backyard?

Noise from the Freeway – there is hope

Simple diagram explaining noise attenuation barriers

Over recent years we have had an increasing number of complaints in relation to noise from the Mornington Peninsula Freeway.

The escalation in complaints seems to have coincided with the increase in traffic numbers since the opening of Peninsula Link.

Consequently there has also been a couple of new community groups formed to help put pressure on the Government to fund some long term noise attenuation measures along the length of the freeway.

Over recent weeks we have also launched a major local campaign to ensure we make some noise on this matter, and it is brought to the attention of the Minister.

Our Freeway Noise Petition

This campaign involves an online petition, which you can sign here, as well as speeches in Parliament to which the Minister has since responded.

Correspondence recently received from Minister Donnellan is encouraging as we have now been informed that noise attenuation work on the Mornington Peninsula freeway has been prioritised.

You can download a copy of Minister Donnellans letter at this link where he says, “VicRoads has undertaken a traffic noise modelling exercise along the Mornington
Peninsula Freeway} and the results confirm that there are sections that meet the above
criteria . Accordingly, it will be prioritised for future funding along with other eligible
metropolitan freeway sites.”

Next Steps

Moving forward, we need the help of the community to ensure that letters and emails are sent to Mr Donnellan to impress on him the urgency to get something done and to elevate these sections on the priority list.

You may contact Mr Donnellan as per the contact details below:

As a second step it would be helpful if you could write to Minister Donnellan, either via email;

Or by regular mail to ensure that he understands the scope and scale of this problem, and in both cases I encourage you to CC me into any correspondence.

Hon Luke Donnellan, Minister for Roads and Road Safety, Level 22, 1 Spring Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Criminals running rampant under Daniel Andrews

 Reports today of three men on the run after a brazen crime spree through Melbourne’s south-east is further evidence that Daniel Andrews’ law and order policies are failing Victoria.

 Every day Victorians are waking to yet another story about criminals running rampant in our streets following the weakening of our justice system by Daniel Andrews.

 Victorians are experiencing record crime and are living in fear.

For the year to March 2016, total crime has risen in Kingston by 19.8% in just one year under Daniel Andrews with theft up 17.5% and burglary/ break and enter up 27.1%.

 Despite this, under Daniel Andrews police stations are closing and frontline police numbers have been cut.


 Victorians have a right to feel safe in their homes and on our streets.

Fast Facts: Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre



Planning for the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre first commenced in 2009. It has been an important project for Victorians of both Coalition and Labor Governments.

In 2011 the Coalition Government appointed Plenary Health to build the VCCC. An additional floor (the 13th) was negotiated within the total project budget to house Peter Mac Private.

One of Daniel Andrews’ first acts as Premier was to scrap Peter Mac Private, against the will of the Board of Peter Mac and with no explanation other than that the VCCC wasn’t to be for “greedy profit making”.

This is despite the fact that Daniel Andrews is supporting the establishment of private Cardiac wards at the new, public Victorian Heart Hospital.

The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre has now opened with an empty 13th floor.

Daniel Andrews’ decision to scrap Peter Mac Private has resulted in the loss of:

  •  42 inpatient beds and 4 operating theatres
  •  $20m in philanthropic donations
  •  $24 million in capital investment
  •  An enhanced ability to attract and retain leading cancer specialists

This decision has meant that Peter Mac cannot:

  •  Treat an additional 10,000 cancer patients per year
  •  Increase the number and range of clinical trials
  •  Offer choice to the 38% of current Peter Mac patients who are private, freeing up public beds for the most needy

Peter Mac’s ghost floor

empty hospital bed

“Today the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre has opened with an empty 13th floor.

In 2011 the Coalition Government appointed Plenary Health to build the VCCC. An additional floor (the 13th) was negotiated within the total project budget to house Peter MacCallum Private.

One of Daniel Andrews’ first acts as Premier was to scrap the 42 bed Peter Mac Private, against the will of the Board of Peter Mac and with no explanation other than that the VCCC wasn’t to be for “greedy profit making”.

This decision has meant that Peter Mac cannot treat an additional 10,000 cancer patients per year, increase the number and range of clinical trials nor offer choice to the 38% of current Peter Mac patients who are private, freeing up public beds for the most needy.

Peter Mac is a much loved institution that saves lives and Daniel Andrews has put politics ahead of people with cancer.”


Victorian families are living in fear under Daniel Andrews


The release of the ABS’ victim of crime statistics shows that crime is out of control in Victoria under Daniel Andrews.

Under Daniel Andrews’ watch, in just one year armed robberies have gone up 14%. And robberies of people’s homes are up 44%.

Despite this shocking crime wave, Daniel Andrews has allowed police stations to close and the number of front line police at stations to be cut.

Shadow Minister for Police Ed O’Donohue visited the Point Cook Residents Association to hear first-hand the concerns of residents following several home invasions that have left them living in fear.

Victorians are too afraid to drive alone at night, arming themselves with cricket bats, and considering forming vigilante groups because there are not enough police to protect them.

Victorians have a right to feel safe in their homes and on our streets. Daniel Andrews’ cuts to police resources and a soft approach to justice are endangering families.

Back to Work closed for business

people working image

Labor’s failed ‘Back to Work’ scheme will be closed for business as of next Monday.

Under this secretive government, the closure announcement was nowhere to be found on the Premier’s website, but buried on the State Revenue Office website.

Despite promising to deliver 100,000 full-time jobs in Victoria within two years of coming to office, Daniel Andrews’ flagship jobs program has tanked.

On the Government’s own figures, fewer than 12,100 total positions have been supported.

After spending $40 million dollars of its pledged $100 million, the Back to Work scheme has closed its doors, leaving $60 million of unallocated funds.

Of the $40 million that has been spent, evidence has been provided to the Liberal Nationals Coalition that suggests serious rorting has occurred.

The Coalition has very real concerns about the eligibility and the accountability of these payments. We will be writing to the Auditor-General to seek a full investigation into where this money has gone and whether the scheme has met the probity standards Victorians should expect.

Under Daniel Andrews and his hapless Treasurer, Labor’s ‘Back to Work’ has proven to be a failure of public policy, a waste of public money and another broken promise to the people of Victoria.