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Fast Facts – 3 million reasons why Daniel Andrews won’t condemn John Setka

The Victorian Labor Party has received $3.027 million in donations from the CFMEU since 1998

$627,154 was donated by the CFMEU to Daniel Andrews’ campaign war chest in the last two financial years alone.


2015-16: $433,663



2014-15: $193,491



2013-14 – $334,350



2012-13 – $181,463


2011-12 – $152,742



2010-11 – $207,986



2009-10 – $133,290


2008-09 – $140,409.30


2007-08 – $130,679.10


2006-07 – $112,063.15


2005-06 – $167,682.70




2004-05 – $195,212.10



2003-04 – $201,891.80



2002-03 – $128,357.20


2001-02 – $112,255.20




2000-01 – $98,568.92



1999-2000 – $53,235.60


1998-99 – $92300.80





(Source: AEC)

Daniel’s dodgy desal disaster



The Wonthaggi desal plant has sustained damage that will prevent the plant from being turned on.

On 19 June 2007 Labor announced the construction of a desalination plant and it was reported that water bills would double to fund it.

It was later revealed the true cost to taxpayers of the plant and water order could be up to $24 billion.

Daniel Andrews was a member of the Labor Cabinet that oversaw the construction of the desal project.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Water Peter Walsh:

Daniel Andrews sat around the cabinet table when the decision was made to waste $24 billion on a desal plant we do not need and now does not work.

Only a Labor Government would condemn our children and grandchildren to pay off a $24 billion desal white elephant we cannot use and do not need.

While they’re on holidays the Andrews Government continues to lurch from one crisis to another.

Only days after Daniel Andrews’ team went in to damage control mode over the latest youth justice crisis, now they’re again in damage control patching up the desal plant.

Daniel Andrews is ending the year with a crime crisis, a youth justice crisis and now a desal crisis. What a year.


Daniel Andrews plays follow the leader

In the last week Daniel Andrews has copied five law and order policies from the Liberal Nationals.

Good ideas should be above partisan politics so it is a good thing that Daniel Andrews has now copied some of our law and order policies.

The five Liberal Nationals policies copied this week include ‘no body, no parole’; ‘banning cash for scrap’; keeping Craig Minogue behind bars, giving police the power to acquire DNA from suspects and a specific offence for drive by shootings.

There remain many problems with Daniel Andrews’ approach to law and order and the Liberal Nationals are committed to working constructively with Daniel Andrews on new ideas to make Victoria safe again.

Crime going down in NSW, up in Victoria

The latest New South Wales crime statistics today report that crime in almost every major category has declined steadily over the past two years.

This is in stark contrast to Victoria’s crime figures that show a 13.4% increase in the last year alone.

Whilst robberies are down nearly 20% in New South Wales, they are up 14.2% in Victoria. While breaking and enter into a dwelling is down 6.2% in New South Wales it is up 10.4% in Victoria, and motor vehicle theft has fallen 11.1% in New South Wales whilst rising 30.3% in Victoria.

While Daniel Andrews has spent the last two years weakening bail laws, cutting frontline police numbers, closing police stations and turning youth justice into a revolving door system, New South Wales has been getting tough on crime.

Crime trends in Victoria are getting worse compared to New South Wales  because Daniel Andrews has spent two years sitting on his hands, being an apologist for criminal behaviour.

New South Wales is becoming safer because unlike Victoria, it has a Government that doesn’t just talk tough on community safety, it acts tough.

No matter how many panicked and hurried announcements the Andrews Government makes, it is clear that Daniel Andrews simply cannot be trusted to keep Victoria safe.

Will Offenders Follow Youth Control Orders?

From 2011-12 to 2015-16 youth offenders committing offences in category “breaches of orders” increased by 193%.

  • 10-14 year olds: Breaches of orders up from 262 to 1,764 (up 573%)
  • 15-19 year olds: Breaches of orders up from 2,696 to 8,730 (up 224%)
  • 20-24 year olds: Breaches of orders up from 5,062 to 13,027 (up 157%)crime-stats

TOTAL: Breaches of orders up from 8,020 to 23,521 (up 193%)

Source: Crime Statistics Agency, How has youth crime in Victoria changed over the last 10 years?

Andrews sends electricity prices skyrocketing

Confirmation that electricity prices are about to go up by around 10% means that Daniel Andrews is either a liar or he’s incompetent.

First he introduced a new tax which forced Hazelwood to close its doors, then he promised electricity prices would only go up 4% and now we find out it’s really 10% in just the next six months.

On the Neil Mitchell program on 3 November 2016, Daniel Andrews said: “Any increase will cause pressure on household budgets, I acknowledge that. But the numbers are more in the order of 4% or 85 cents a week.”

Once again, like his promise that scrapping the East West Link contract wouldn’t cost a cent, Daniel Andrews has either lied or got his calculations terribly wrong.

This increase to electricity costs means households will have to pay an average of $160 more on their annual bill.

It will also cost a lot more for businesses who will ultimately pass the increase on to their customers.

This is a flow on effect, it’s from just about anybody that uses power all the way through so it’s your local coffee store, your butcher, your baker, every store that uses power will have to either try and sell more coffee and bread or pass it on to consumers.

Today’s power price rises are just the beginning with more increases in store for energy customers with the full impact of Hazelwood’s closure in March 2017 still to flow through.

Industry has made it absolutely clear today that the responsibility of power price rises rests with the Andrews Labor Government and their damaging energy policies to increase the tax on coal by $252 million and implement a go-it-alone Victorian renewable energy target.

Victorian families are already dealing with high cost of living pressures, and because of Daniel Andrews they will be forced to tighten the belt further with Christmas right around the corner.

In their attempt to deflect attention from this price hike, the Andrews Labor Government has put out 18 press releases today, none of which address the electricity cost hike.

Frankston patients continue to wait under Daniel Andrews

New health performance data reveals that patients in Frankston are waiting longer in emergency departments and on elective surgery waiting lists since Daniel Andrews came to Government.

Emergency Department

The proportion of patients being treated in appropriate times at the Frankston Hospital emergency department has deteriorated since Daniel Andrews came into office, with more than 3,600 patients (21%) not receiving emergency treatment within the clinically recommended timeframe, in the last quarter alone.

Elective Surgery

The number of patients on the elective surgery waiting list has grown by 28% under Daniel Andrews’ leadership – blowing out to 1,809 patients and the proportion treated on time has dropped to 77%.

The Category 3 elective surgery waiting list has grown by a massive 45% since 2014 – reaching 691 patients.

Specialist Wait Clinics

Frankston patients being referred to specialists can wait more than one and half years for a consultation with some orthopaedic/musculoskeletal patients waiting 588 days for their appointment.

Comments from Shadow Minister for Health Mary Wooldridge:

“Before the election Daniel Andrews claimed the health system was in crisis and that he would fix it, but the reality is quite the opposite.”

“In Frankston patients are waiting longer for treatment in the emergency department and for their elective surgery since Daniel Andrews became Premier.”

“Labor claimed at the election that they would ‘find out how Frankston Hospital can treat more people and run more efficiently’, so Daniel Andrews must explain why Peninsula Health patients are waiting longer for urgent surgery.”

“Daniel Andrews is breaking promises and neglecting the health needs of families in Frankston.”

Western Distributor

Revelations in Senate Estimates today show what Victorians suspected all along, the only winner from the Western Distributor is Transurban, whilst the big losers are taxpayers and motorists in the eastern and south-eastern suburbs.

Mr Mike Mrdak the Secretary of the Federal Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development told Senate Estimates today that there was no evidence to support Daniel Andrews’ claim that the Western Distributor will relieve congestion and that the Andrews Government has not made available all of its analysis of the project.

Whilst sending the bill to Malcolm Turnbull with one hand, Daniel Andrews has refused to provide the supporting documentation that the Federal Government required to make a full assessment of the project.

Daniel Andrews is condemning Victorian motorists to more than a decade of extra tolls worth $30 billion to Transurban to pay for a project that his own hand-picked infrastructure advisors refuse to endorse and the Commonwealth Government says could further gridlock Melbourne.

Only Daniel Andrews could find a way to spend $1.2 billion to not build the East West Link and then spend $5.5 billion on a road that will make congestion worse.


Criminals running rampant under Daniel Andrews

 Reports today of three men on the run after a brazen crime spree through Melbourne’s south-east is further evidence that Daniel Andrews’ law and order policies are failing Victoria.

 Every day Victorians are waking to yet another story about criminals running rampant in our streets following the weakening of our justice system by Daniel Andrews.

 Victorians are experiencing record crime and are living in fear.

For the year to March 2016, total crime has risen in Kingston by 19.8% in just one year under Daniel Andrews with theft up 17.5% and burglary/ break and enter up 27.1%.

 Despite this, under Daniel Andrews police stations are closing and frontline police numbers have been cut.


 Victorians have a right to feel safe in their homes and on our streets.

Fast Facts: Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre



Planning for the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre first commenced in 2009. It has been an important project for Victorians of both Coalition and Labor Governments.

In 2011 the Coalition Government appointed Plenary Health to build the VCCC. An additional floor (the 13th) was negotiated within the total project budget to house Peter Mac Private.

One of Daniel Andrews’ first acts as Premier was to scrap Peter Mac Private, against the will of the Board of Peter Mac and with no explanation other than that the VCCC wasn’t to be for “greedy profit making”.

This is despite the fact that Daniel Andrews is supporting the establishment of private Cardiac wards at the new, public Victorian Heart Hospital.

The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre has now opened with an empty 13th floor.

Daniel Andrews’ decision to scrap Peter Mac Private has resulted in the loss of:

  •  42 inpatient beds and 4 operating theatres
  •  $20m in philanthropic donations
  •  $24 million in capital investment
  •  An enhanced ability to attract and retain leading cancer specialists

This decision has meant that Peter Mac cannot:

  •  Treat an additional 10,000 cancer patients per year
  •  Increase the number and range of clinical trials
  •  Offer choice to the 38% of current Peter Mac patients who are private, freeing up public beds for the most needy