Crime going down in NSW, up in Victoria

The latest New South Wales crime statistics today report that crime in almost every major category has declined steadily over the past two years.

This is in stark contrast to Victoria’s crime figures that show a 13.4% increase in the last year alone.

Whilst robberies are down nearly 20% in New South Wales, they are up 14.2% in Victoria. While breaking and enter into a dwelling is down 6.2% in New South Wales it is up 10.4% in Victoria, and motor vehicle theft has fallen 11.1% in New South Wales whilst rising 30.3% in Victoria.

While Daniel Andrews has spent the last two years weakening bail laws, cutting frontline police numbers, closing police stations and turning youth justice into a revolving door system, New South Wales has been getting tough on crime.

Crime trends in Victoria are getting worse compared to New South Wales  because Daniel Andrews has spent two years sitting on his hands, being an apologist for criminal behaviour.

New South Wales is becoming safer because unlike Victoria, it has a Government that doesn’t just talk tough on community safety, it acts tough.

No matter how many panicked and hurried announcements the Andrews Government makes, it is clear that Daniel Andrews simply cannot be trusted to keep Victoria safe.