The Facts About Pt Nepean Development

I would like to help clarify some community concerns regarding the proposal to develop the quarantine station precinct at Point Nepean National Park.

While our community has had the opportunity to provide feedback on this specific proposal since 31 July, we should keep in mind that this follows up to 20 years of detailed and ongoing community discussions on the use of the park.

Further community consultations held in 2012 produced the Point Nepean Quarantine Station Sustainable Use Framework plan, as well as the Point Nepean National Park Masterplan.

These documents explicitly endorse sensitive development from either public or external investment in this precinct that, as outlined in the Master Plan, “contribute to long term maintenance and sustainability of the Quarantine Station buildings.”

The community can rest assured that the process undertaken by the Government is entirely consistent with both these documents and therefore has been fully sensitive to community concerns over many years.

Like all private and public sector lease discussions, by law they must remain commercial in-confidence in nature so it is inappropriate for anyone to speculate on the final terms of the lease,

Notwithstanding, I can assure the community that any development at Point Nepean will be utterly consistent with both the Quarantine Station Sustainable Use Framework plan and Point Nepean National Park Masterplan.

Martin Dixon MP

Member for Nepean