Fast Facts – Daniel Andrews’ Breakfast Club

What did Daniel Andrews promise to do?

“…an Andrews Labor Government will invest $13.5 million into Foodbank, so they can establish breakfast clubs at 500 government primary schools and serve 25,000 children across the state.”

Source:  Labor’s Back to School policy

What did this year’s Budget papers say about school breakfast clubs?

“The Foodbank organisation will be funded to serve free breakfast to 25 000 children across the State every school day.”

Source:  Budget paper 3 – page 51

How much funding did this year’s Budget allocate to “serve free breakfast to 25,000 children across the state every school day”?

$1.5 million in 2015-16

Source:  Budget paper 3 – page 47

How much does that work out to per student?

If you divide $1.5 million for 2015-16 by the promised 25,000 students, this equates to $60 funding for breakfast per student per year.

If you divide the $60 by 40 school weeks in a year, that’s $1.50 per student per week.

If you divide the $1.50 by five days that make up the week, you are left with only 30 cents per student per day.


Today’s announcement by Daniel Andrews will allow just 30 cents per student in 2015-16.