Frankston patients continue to wait under Daniel Andrews

New health performance data reveals that patients in Frankston are waiting longer in emergency departments and on elective surgery waiting lists since Daniel Andrews came to Government.

Emergency Department

The proportion of patients being treated in appropriate times at the Frankston Hospital emergency department has deteriorated since Daniel Andrews came into office, with more than 3,600 patients (21%) not receiving emergency treatment within the clinically recommended timeframe, in the last quarter alone.

Elective Surgery

The number of patients on the elective surgery waiting list has grown by 28% under Daniel Andrews’ leadership – blowing out to 1,809 patients and the proportion treated on time has dropped to 77%.

The Category 3 elective surgery waiting list has grown by a massive 45% since 2014 – reaching 691 patients.

Specialist Wait Clinics

Frankston patients being referred to specialists can wait more than one and half years for a consultation with some orthopaedic/musculoskeletal patients waiting 588 days for their appointment.

Comments from Shadow Minister for Health Mary Wooldridge:

“Before the election Daniel Andrews claimed the health system was in crisis and that he would fix it, but the reality is quite the opposite.”

“In Frankston patients are waiting longer for treatment in the emergency department and for their elective surgery since Daniel Andrews became Premier.”

“Labor claimed at the election that they would ‘find out how Frankston Hospital can treat more people and run more efficiently’, so Daniel Andrews must explain why Peninsula Health patients are waiting longer for urgent surgery.”

“Daniel Andrews is breaking promises and neglecting the health needs of families in Frankston.”