Jetty Road Overpass being ignored by Government

Meeting with teachers, parents and students at the end of the Freeway. Note the overpass ramp in the background – all we need is the overpass!

Last year I conducted a petition in the local areas to ask for the Jetty Road overpass to be completed, connecting the Mornington Peninsula Freeway to the Arterial Road by crossing over the Jetty Road Intersection.

This intersection has become increasingly dangerous since the completion of Peninsula Link and the subsequent increase in traffic flows.

The petition gathered over 1200 signatures in a few weeks and I have since raised the issue in Parliament and with the Roads Minister Luke Donnellan.

In the most recent correspondence from the Minister dated 30th May 2016 (download here), Mr Donnellan suggests that funding is not a priority due to the ‘historical safety record’ at this intersection however I am sure like me, you would prefer to see a solution before there was any such serious or tragic incident.

As you can see, if we are to ever get this overpass constructed then I will need your help and the best thing you can do is to write or email direct to the Minister and ask him, before there is a serious accident, to:

  1. Undertake an immediate full costing of the overpass/grade separation at the Jetty Rd end of the freeway
  2. Commit funds to the design of this overpass from within the current budget
  3. Commit funds to the construction of this overpass in next year’s budget

The Ministers contact details are as follows, and you are welcome to CC me into any correspondence you send.


Mail: Hon Luke Donnellan, Minister for roads and Road Safety, Level 22, 1 Spring St Melbourne Vic 3000

Letter from Minister Donnellan to Martin Dixon MP

Jetty Road Overpass Petition