Peter Mac’s ghost floor

empty hospital bed

“Today the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre has opened with an empty 13th floor.

In 2011 the Coalition Government appointed Plenary Health to build the VCCC. An additional floor (the 13th) was negotiated within the total project budget to house Peter MacCallum Private.

One of Daniel Andrews’ first acts as Premier was to scrap the 42 bed Peter Mac Private, against the will of the Board of Peter Mac and with no explanation other than that the VCCC wasn’t to be for “greedy profit making”.

This decision has meant that Peter Mac cannot treat an additional 10,000 cancer patients per year, increase the number and range of clinical trials nor offer choice to the 38% of current Peter Mac patients who are private, freeing up public beds for the most needy.

Peter Mac is a much loved institution that saves lives and Daniel Andrews has put politics ahead of people with cancer.”