This link is to the Victorian Parliamentary Debates, also known as Hansard, where you can search all speeches for all Members of Parliament.

To search all the contributions from Martin Dixon MP then you can easily browse and filter those contributions from this Hansard link.

All speeches and contributions made in Parliament are written down and kept as a record of what happens in Parliament.

To keep track of all contrubutions you can view the Parliamentary Calendar here or you can listen live at this link.

Parliamentary Debates are recorded by Hansard reporters.  The reporters used to use a pencil and paper to write down what was said in shorthand.

Nowadays they use a stenotype machine. Some stenotype machines have a computer disk in them which is used to load up the information on a computer.

Debates are published daily in draft form for proof reading by Members of Parliament. After checking they are published as a book each week.

They are also available on the internet and to view a daily list of debates and process you can view the Parliamentary Calendar at this link and click on the particular LA (Legislative Assembly) or LC (Legislative Council) link.

Also, by clicking on the link below you can connect to the internet version and all of my contributions in Parliament are automatically listed for your information. Other Members’ contributions can also be accessed here too.

The links below are related to my contributions only and are sorted for you in terms of the particular type of debate or speech you are interested in:

  1. All Debates and Speeches – 2016
  2. All Debates and Speeches – 2015
  3. All Debates and Speeches – 2014
  4. All Debates and Speeches – 2013
  5. Matters of Public Importance
  6. Personal Explanations
  7. Petitions
  8. Questions without Notice
  9. Questions on Notice
  10. Hansard Advanced Search Page