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Noise from the Freeway – there is hope

Simple diagram explaining noise attenuation barriers

Over recent years we have had an increasing number of complaints in relation to noise from the Mornington Peninsula Freeway.

The escalation in complaints seems to have coincided with the increase in traffic numbers since the opening of Peninsula Link.

Consequently there has also been a couple of new community groups formed to help put pressure on the Government to fund some long term noise attenuation measures along the length of the freeway.

Over recent weeks we have also launched a major local campaign to ensure we make some noise on this matter, and it is brought to the attention of the Minister.

Our Freeway Noise Petition

This campaign involves an online petition, which you can sign here, as well as speeches in Parliament to which the Minister has since responded.

Correspondence recently received from Minister Donnellan is encouraging as we have now been informed that noise attenuation work on the Mornington Peninsula freeway has been prioritised.

You can download a copy of Minister Donnellans letter at this link where he says, “VicRoads has undertaken a traffic noise modelling exercise along the Mornington
Peninsula Freeway} and the results confirm that there are sections that meet the above
criteria . Accordingly, it will be prioritised for future funding along with other eligible
metropolitan freeway sites.”

Next Steps

Moving forward, we need the help of the community to ensure that letters and emails are sent to Mr Donnellan to impress on him the urgency to get something done and to elevate these sections on the priority list.

You may contact Mr Donnellan as per the contact details below:

As a second step it would be helpful if you could write to Minister Donnellan, either via email;


Or by regular mail to ensure that he understands the scope and scale of this problem, and in both cases I encourage you to CC me into any correspondence.

Hon Luke Donnellan, Minister for Roads and Road Safety, Level 22, 1 Spring Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000